Isla Goes Home

We have had some changes in our lives since last speaking to you…our biggest news is that Isla has been discharged from Children’s Hospital Westmead!

Her therapies have all been transferred to local therapists, so we are happily at home again. Such an incredible feeling. Isla has made some beautiful progress since returning home, particularly with mobility and walking. We are trying to resume some normality in her life and have been thriving on lots of “normal “ activities like going to the park, having play dates with her friends, and going for bike rides on her three-wheel trike which was supplied on Loan from the hospital.

Isla is going to be returning to school this Friday, which is amazing news for us. She will be starting off slowly with a short session two days a week, and will have 1:1 support at school, but she is so incredibly exited to be returning to school.

She is going well, and continues to progress through her recovery. She’s an amazing girl with incredible spirit, and teaches us so much about strength and resilience!

Freya is also going well, and has settled in really nicely to high school. She was having heightened anxieties while we were away, so it is amazing to see her flourishing and bonding with her peers.

The car had been a true blessing in my life, and while I am only driving in the local area at this stage, it is very settling for me to drive it and feel safe and secure.

Our enormous thanks for your presence in our lives. There is a poem that quotes “your life shall touch a dozen lives, before this day is done” which says everything about the connections we have in life, and that we are so gifted by these many connections, whether for a fleeting moment or for a lifetime. Thankyou.