Coverdrive Term 2 2019

Students continue to report that Bradman is lots of fun. They enjoy all being together and learning new skills. They enjoy the way they are taught and like the staff (especially you) a lot.

From the perspective of teachers, it’s a great opportunity for the students to develop skills without the pressure of learning in front of mainstream students. They can mentor each other, learn to communicate and work together as a team. They learn how to win and lose in a respectful way. Hopefully they work to support each other. They also have an opportunity to do something physical and get some exercise in a fun way. Many of our students don’t socialise very well and spend a lot of time indoors. For some, this is the most social they are during the week.

Amanda Sutton
Head Teacher Support

The Support Unit at Moss Vale High School has been part of the ‘Coverdrive Program’ at Bradman Oval for several years now. It has been of huge benefit to all our students and they have thoroughly enjoyed it. As a Support Unit grows, so too does the need for more student opportunities. We hope that through increased funding Jock and his wonderful team can continue to deliver a brilliant program to students with special needs within the Southern Highlands.

Tim Vandervoort
Head Teacher Special Education
Moss Vale High School