Board Members Stand Down

Sadly we have recently had four board members stand down. They include Laurie Adams, Ray Hawkes (treasurer), Gary Avis and John Philp. We would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank these great men for their contributions to the KKKK.

Laurie has contributed many years of service having been the second longest standing member of the KKKK. He has held many positions in assisting the KKKK. In particular he has worked very hard trying to help the Special Needs Kids of the local Wingecarribee Shire schools. It is such a shame that we will lose him off the board of the KKKK as his ill-health has made life difficulty. Let’s hope he recovers in the near future.

Ray Hawkes has been the treasurer for the last seven years. He is a former ANZ bank manager and has been a delight to work with. Ray has worked relentlessly and done anything we have asked him to do.

Gary Avis has also been with the KKKK for the past seven years. His personality and willingness to help and raise funds has been exceptional. No one escapes him. He has increased our income and is always ready to help out. Over the past two years he has also been a driving force with the Bowral Rugby Club.

John Philp is passionate and caring and always wants to help special needs kids and their families. He also decided to retire from his KKKK commitments. However, he has some tasks to ensure he will stay involved with our team. He is going to continue to collect moneys donated from our boxes that are scattered around the Shire. John is also the grandfather of young Rex that the KKKK has been able to assist!