ASDESI (Autism Spectrum Disorder Education Support and Information) is a support program providing services to families with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) provided by Interchange Australia. The ASDESI program was initiated by the Kollege of Knowledge Kommittee for Kids (KKKK) and provides a range of services for families caring for a young person (up to the age of 18 years of age) with ASD.

Services are tailored to the individual needs of each family and include the following.

Parent and Carer Information and Education Parents and carers meet with our trained educators, either individually or in a group setting. We then support parents and carers to gain information, to build strategies and to develop support networks.

Social Support Groups Developing social skills is often challenging for young people on the spectrum. Our individualised social groups support the development and practice of appropriate and relevant social skills.

Case Management ASDESI recognises the highly individual nature of the children with ASD. Case Management identifies the strengths, challenges and circumstances of each families so that effective services can be individually planned.

Educational Courses Young people with an ASD may need particular types of training to help them learn how to manage day-to-day life.The ASDESI skills-based courses are designed to give young people skills they can practice at home and at school, making everyday life more manageable and understandable.

AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD’s) make up a group of developmental disorders which are characterised by varying degrees of impairment in: Social Interaction Communication Restrictive and repetitive behaviour patterns.

Thinking and learning ability varies from gifted to severely disabled. Early intervention, parental education and social skills training have been demonstrated to be of value to help children maximise their potential.

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