The Kollege of Knowledge Kommittee for Kids is usually referred to as the KKKK or the 4K’s. This Kids charity started in Bowral in 1989 to help the special needs children of the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. A group of seven local men formed this group to try and put a smile on the Kids faces and to improve their lives. The original committee consisted of Nick Campbell-Jones, Tony Springett, Merv Hicks, Noel Ryan, Steve Boyd, Peter Walsh and Graham Armstrong.

To date we have raised over $2.5 million.This money has all been spent on many different causes helping physically and/or disabled or disadvantaged kids in the Southern Highlands. All activities are carried out on a voluntary basis. There are NO administration fees or costs so every dollar raised goes directly to help the kids.

The money raised has assisted numerous organisations, schools, individuals and families. Some of the organisations include Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Shepherd Centre, Childlflight, Clown Doctors, Camp Quality and an autistic program called ASDESI (Austism Spectrum Disorder Education Support and Information).

We have purchased educational and recreational equipment for individuals and schools for our Special Needs Kids so they can interact and play with other kids and their families. We have purchased wheelchairs, mechanical lifts and speech therapy for autistic and down syndrome, cochlea implants for the deaf and equipment for the visually impaired to name just a few.

Some of the local schools we have helped include the following: Tangara School, Moss Vale Primary, St Thomas Aquinas Bowral, Bowral Primary, Mittagong Primary, St Michael’s Mittagong, Avoca Primary, Colo Vale Primary, Bundanoon Primary, Sutton Forest Primary, Moss Vale High School and the list goes on!

We have an Annual Gentlemens Lunch, usually held in October, which forms the basis of our fundraising. There is also a Ladies Lunch that also helps raise much needed funds for more special needs kids and the last few years have created an autism program called ASDESI (Autism Spectrum Disorder: Education, Support & Information.

Our first aim was to help Kids with the life threatening disease known as Cystic Fibrosis. We used to have annual camps for these kids and raised funds by having a long lunch at the Bowral Hotel when the NSW Rugby League Grand Finals were played. Since then we have increased our number of committeemen to ten who come from different walks of life.

Our current committee consists of Jason Lewis, Tony Springett, Carl Phillips, Tom Porter, Garry Turland, Peter Dean, Mitchell Brennan, Matt Bow, Peter Stewart and Alex Doughty. Our patron is Nick Campbell-Jones who is to blame for starting this kids charity! Over the years we have had some 30 committeemen who have all believed, worked and supported this Kids charity known as the KKKK.

The Kollege of Knowledge Kommittee for Kids lnc is a registered DGR (Deductible Gift Recipients) charity operating in the Southern Highlands of NSW. We welcome all donations to help make the lives of kids with special needs better. Donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.